Mead Resources

Here are a few resources we have put together where you can gather information about mead history, how to make mead, or where to find more meads to try.

Montana Wineries

Montana's Winery industry is growing despite the many difficulties that face Montana wine makers. There are even some grapes being grown in Montana which are being made into some very good wines. Most of the grape wines made in Montana are made from imported grapes from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho as well as California. Here at Hidden Legend Winery we specialize in mead honey wines. Mead is wine made from honey. Other Montana Wineries make wines from various fruits and berries. The result is a growing industry that makes specialty wines that can be enjoyed with meals or on their own.

Blodgett Canyon Winery
Flathead Lake Winery
Hidden Legend Winery
Missoula Winery and Event Center
Ten Spoon Winery
Tongue River Winery
Trapper Peak Winery
Yellowstone Cellars

Other Montana Companies

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